Shipwreck Musket Ball Shot - Shipwreck unknown - Circa 1738 - Possible Pirate shipwreck

Unlock the secrets of the deep with the Shipwreck Musket Ball Shot! This piece of history was salvaged from a shipwreck of unknown origins, circa 1738. Could it have been from a pirate ship? Have an authentic piece of seafaring history that packs a real punch, with the included Certificate of Authenticity. Experience the adventure of the unknown!

Unknown Shipwreck - Musket Ball Shot 
History: This lead shot (Musket Ball) was recovered from an unidentified shipwreck site (circa 1738), possible pirate ship!
* This type of lead shot was used for ammunition with the musket or pistol carried by the crew of many Spanish Galleons or pirate ships. 
* This lead shot that you hold in your hand is a piece of history. 
Note: Comes with a certificate of Authenticity.