1715 Fleet Shipwreck- 8 Escudos - Mexico Mint - Assayer "J" - Presented in a 18K gold frame with white gold (hand engraved) prongs and bale

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Denomination: 8 Escudos                                                         

Reign: Philip V 

Mint: Mexico                                                                           

Assayer: J (1705-1723) Assayer for 1715 Fleet coins

Date: 1711                                                                                   

Weight: 26.7

Grade: Mel Fisher Certificate, almost uncirculated.

Mount: 18K gold with hand engraved white gold prongs and bale

Description: Philip V -  8 Escudos. Obverse: Bold shield with bold full oXMJ. Clear date 1711. Reverse: Bold, nearly full Jerusalem cross, good centers, peripheries flat.

History: On July 27th the combined Fleet of Don Antonio de Echeverz and Captain-General Juan Estevan de Ubilla weighed anchor in Havana.  The convoy heads northeast, bound for the Gulf of Florida and then to Spain. At 2:00 am on July 31st, violent hurricane force winds blow from the East-north-east. One after another the ships are driven onto the shore of Florida into the jagged reefs.  Ten of the eleven ships are pounded to death, some with all hands. The treasure of these ships is spread over miles of beach spewed out over rocks, shallows, and sand. Some are recovered by a salvage operation in 1716. But most lie in these waters, undisturbed for another 265 years.